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The Endless Emotions In A Random Run Cycle

In this music video, a character run cycle is repeated over and over again. Everything else in the frame — the backgrounds, effects, etc. — is completely redesigned each time the run cycle resets. It’s amazing how swapping out these seemingly secondary elements can completely change the emotion of the animation. It’s also a great reminder that EVERY part of the animation process is equally important!

Note: The song is Transfer, by Livetune, with vocals by Japanese voice actress Nakajima Megumi. The animation was done by Fantasista Utamaro and Kubotabee.

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film about a group of men getting into shenanigans= “comedy”
film about a group of women getting into shenanigans= “chick flick”

film about a friendship between two men= “buddy flick”
film about a friendship between two women= “chick flick”

emotional film about father/son relationships= “drama” 
emotional film about mother/daughter relationships= “chick flick” 

film about a young man finding identity= “coming of age”
film about a young woman finding identity= “chick flick”

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Important things to consider with your OCs:


  • How they would react upon accidentally walking into a glass door
  • Their reaction to having their name spelt wrong on a Starbucks drink
  • What kind of vines they would make
  • Their reaction to your favourite character
  • How they would play The Sims
  • What their finishing move would be
, #going with my OC Audrey #1. search for cuts then make sure no one saw #2. rapid blinking hiding her rage #3. mostly fake makeup tutorials #4. make immediate friends with them #5. be the omnipotent God of Torture #5. a straight-down hammer strike #for future reference #black is the new queue